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NEWS---Teaser for the Disrupt Tribute 2xLP + 7"/ 2x CD

Tribute to Disrupt teaser





A Tribute To Disrupt.

We are proud to announce that the DISRUPT tribute LP/ CD is finally complete after three years of preparation.

The double vinyl contains 50 bands, plus a one-sided Disrupt EP with 4 unreleased tracks from their first demo, recorded in December 1987.

The double CD version contains 59 bands with 9 exclusive tracks only available on the CD version.

The pressing facts are:

  • 200 copies red black marbled vinyl only available for the bands
  • 100 copies white solid vinyl only available thru POWER IT UP Mailorder
  • 200 copies black vinyl available for wholesale and distribution

Liner notes about the 7? Demo by Tony Leone

(bassplayer of Disrupt) :

This is Great! this demo wasn't available in time for Disrupt The Rest cd . I found out to late about the release of all the tracks. This demo both lead singers lost years ago. I've had mine since we recorded it in December 1987. I kept it in great condition. I think it would be a great idea to use the cover that I drew. It was based on a cover that Jay Styles created. I feel that the version of the cover I did was better. I also attached a pic of the rehearsal studio that the demo was recorded. Credits for the songs on the demo should be given to Jay Styles. he wrote the songs. Me and the drummer helped with the structure of the songs. the lineup was Jay Styles:vocals Pete Kamarinos:vocals Tony Leone:bass Harry Haralabatos:drums Chris Drake:guitar.. I am totally honored about the tribute. I was 17 years old when I was in disrupt. I am very happy that this demo will finally be released.

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Tribute to Disrupt teaser

please spread the flyer, teaser or anything else


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