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Now available again on tape, Nasum's only demo is probably the noisiest and most abrasive of their releases, though it still sounds very much like Nasum. Ten songs were written in a rush, and together with two re-recordings from the first two recordings and two covers, the songs were recorded as the "Domedagen" demo in November 1994. The recording took place in Studio Ferger, Fjugesta and "Stalemate" of Napalm Death and "Dom styr vara liv" of Mob 47 are the two cover songs. The guitars are a bit crunchier and the snare and cymbals ring out in the higher end a bit more. There's a lot of grinding, the vocals are mostly gruff grunts, and there's room for a few of the heavy grooves that really make the music. "Think" reappears from the split with Agathocles, starting with a simple-but-heavy groove that I'll never forget. The strength of the demo is in the parts that intersperse the fantastic grindy bits - call and response between the low and high vocals, deathgrind grooving, and occasionally a bit of a lead or solo. The grinding parts are split between the noisier, grindier parts, and blasting with tremolo-picked grooves that is part of Nasum's signature style. The slower parts in the slightly longer songs, which are still fast and short, help the music breathe and expand upon the simple formulas of grindcore. While it seems like a bit of a blur, the demo is quite varied and fits an impressive amount of material into eleven minutes. The lyrics aren't constructed very well. While they have the messages that Nasum have always advocated, they're poorly written and choppy. Rather than feeling like a composition, they seem like they're a bunch of words and phrases thrown together and shouted over grindcore. For a Swedish band, they certainly have some leeway early in their career to improve their grasp on the English language.


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