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Dehumanizer (Limited Version)


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Limited to 100 copies in yellow transparent Vinyl. Shift yo ass Agathocles, your space in my playlist and record shelves is detracting me from the one true mince god: Archagathus. Let us make no pretension whilst I happily pledge myself to Archagathus there is nothing regal or godly about them, they are sleazy, demented and everything your mother told you to avoid. That being said there is no band that I enjoy more, like a particularly fortified brew the first few mouthfuls may taste particularly vile, but everything there after is bliss, and such is Archagathus, for all their horridness there is a deep drunken warmth to find in them. Enter the bands latest gut glowing and long overdue full length; Dehumanizer, contained in this bloated grotesquery of punk is 21 minutes of the meanest mince slop, gutter riffs and choleric vocals; this sewer of music overpopulated by perversion, sonic torture and other horrors. Pathologically speaking Dehumanizer is the apex of the current mince-gore progression/regression/corruption Archagathus have been undergoing lately and as such Dehumanizer and the last half a dozen splits or so all bring strong parallels to kinsmen and split partners Grotesque Organ Defilement and Hypermesis, but most importantly the band have still ultimately kept their classic archagathus sense of identity/idiocy. Lots of bands seem to be playing the mince gore genre card recently and of those probably half of them are side projects of Andy Hypermesis, however its refreshing to know that whilst I consider 99% of gore bands to be shitty misogynistic death metal outfits in overdrive, the mincegore surge is completely punk! In any case whether mince, gore, or whatever combination of the two Archagathus are best at it, and in comparison your band is terrible, and the only way to redeem yourself is to do a split with these fanatical bastards.

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